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Ottawa Music Printing

I have 25 years of experience as a music copyist, editor, transcriber, arranger, composer and songwriter.


As a musician who reads and writes music I understand how integral the presentation of music on the printed page is to the process of interpretation, performance and education. Whether in the studio, on the stage, in a book or simply for personal enjoyment, music that is perfectly printed makes music making easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


For music printing projects I use the industry standard software application Finale: The Art of Music Printing. By combining Finale with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications I can answer any need when it comes to combinations of music printing and design.


And then comes sound: I have a vast library of "virtual instruments"—professionally sampled, responsive sounds—that I can use to realize your score or create a natural accompaniment for your project. Imagine the crème de la crème of karaoke.


Please peruse the sections below to learn more about my services and how I can help you to get your project from your imagination to the stage.

music copying & much More

I have copied everything from short solo works to a full opera with parts and everything in between. Regardless of the size and scope of your project my responsibility as your copyist is to faithfully represent your musical vision on the page and to make it a pleasure for musicians to bring it to life.



A good transposition isn't simply moving notes up or down, it is a re-organization of a score with regards to all of the musical elements: the notes, text, dynamics, articulations, etc. Whether you need a song transposed to fit your vocal range, an instrumental part or a guitar chord chart moved to another key I've got you covered.



Sometimes the music you need to have printed doesn't yet exist in any form on the page. I can create a beautiful and accurate score or chart by simply listening to any recording, be it a demo CD or a YouTube video. And of course your transcription will be laid out as precisely as a copied or transposed score.



Let's face it: 90% of the TABs found online are inaccurate at best and completely wrong at worst. As a guitarist with 30 years of experience playing many different styles of music I love the particular challenge posed by tabbing. Be it a solo or a song, a simple fret-number TAB or one with full rhythm and other score details, my TABs are accurate and easy to read.


PVG (Piano/Vocal/Guitar) Scores

With more options than ever for songwriters to share and sell their music, song charts tend to be forgotten. I can create a beautiful PVG score for a single song or a complete songbook that can be printed for sale in music stores or distributed online as a high-quality PDF.


Lead Sheets

In many cases a full score or even a PVG score is overkill: you simply need a "guideline" for players to work from that includes the melody, chords and structure of a song. I can create your lead sheets from hand-written sketches or recordings and even print them up using fonts that emulate a classic copyist’s hand.


Educational Materials

I have been teaching for as long as I have been printing and as a result I have created every kind of educational material under the sun. From custom scale and pattern exercises to full educational texts with graphic examples I understand the importance of clarity and precision when it comes to both teaching and learning.


Academic Examples & excerpts

Wether for a student paper, a graduate thesis or a work of academic scholarship, custom-created musical examples make a huge difference. With my academic background and my graphic arts experience I can create simple or detailed excerpts/examples to support your text.




Piano &





& voice


& guitar



An online gallery or slideshow does not do printed music justice. That being said, please take a few moments to click on the thumbnails on the right to view an assortment of selected pages from previous OMP projects.


You can download a print-optimized PDF of these samples by clicking here. Please have them reproduced on a good printer and on good paper to get the full experience of what I can provide to you.


If you would like to see an example of a particular type of project please contact me.



Our initial consultation is free of charge and I am pleased to offer a 25% discount to students, teachers, not-for-profit organizations, church groups and clients on limited or fixed incomes.


My Rates

My rates are very competitive and I always go that extra mile for my clients. Nothing is more rewarding than establishing a long-term creative relationship in which I understand your needs and preferences and you trust me to provide results. I also understand the cuts and limitations that all arts budgets are experiencing these days.


Music printing (also known as “preparation”) jobs are generally priced by the page. My rates range from $5 per page for single-line parts extracted from a larger score to $25-35 per page for large scores, e.g. larger ensemble or symphonic score. For complete information about my music preparation rates please click to view or right-click to download my RATES PDF.


Knowing the answers to the following questions in advance of our first meeting/consultation will make it much easier for me to provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs involved in completing the work:


• Do you qualify for a discount?

• When is your deadline? A rush job may cost a little extra.

• Can you take delivery of your parts/scores as PDF files that you can print out yourself?

• Will letter- or legal-sized output (8.5”x11” or 8.5x14”) suffice or do you require oversized pages (e.g. 11”x14”)?

• Will you need multiple hard copies (reproductions or “repros”) of your score and/or parts?

• Does your project require any special/complex notation and/or incorporate graphics/illustrations?

• How clear/clean are the source documents that I will be working from (print or audio)?

• Do you require any editorial assistance with your project?


Your Original Documents

The quality of the documents I will be working from is very important: if I have a clean score or recording to start from I can work faster and you will save money. You can deliver the documents in person, by post/courier, electronically via email or by using the attachment feature on the Contact page. If you are scanning pages to send please take care to scan carefully—don’t cut off the side or bottom of a page!—and at a minimum 300dpi. If you are sending documents to me on a CD or DVD please double check that the disc(s) work.


Reproduction & Delivery

I have an excellent and long-standing relationship with a local print shop and together we can meet any printing and binding needs you specify. You will have control over everything from the size of the pages to the quality of the paper stock to the type of binding. We can prepare over-sized pages, fold-outs and work in colour. You will receive your pages on time via a reliable postal carrier or courier. Please CLICK HERE to view or right-click to save a PDF with more information on print media options.


If you have any questions about my discount policy or any of the information provided here regarding rates and reproduction please do not hesitate to contact me.

CONTACT ottawa music printing

You can reach OMP by phone or text message at +1 613-808-2158. If I can't take your call please leave a brief message with your number and I will call you back as soon as possible.


Please fill in the form below to send me an email. I take privacy issues seriously and I will not share your information with anyone, ever.


If you are requesting an estimate please provide as much detail as you can about the nature and scope of your project as per my questions and guidance tn the Rates & Delivery section.

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